Clash of Clans Private Server

Clash of Clans Private Server

Clash of Clans Private Server

A very popular massively multiplayer online game developed by Supercell is taking on the mobile world headfirst. Available for Android and iOS, this clash of clans private server is so popular that big companies’ advertisements also run through this video game. This shows the importance and traffic, which the sites of clash of clans attract that along with TV channels the promotion of game-related apps and normal FMCG goods are also marketed by the companies is done on this site. Of course, they advertise on other platforms too, but we are just trying to indicate the popularity of this game which is free online. The company Super Cell is still marking clash of clans as the topmost game offered by them to the gaming world. The app was firstly introduced by the company for the gamers on August 2012. As soon as the app was released it experienced hike in the levels of downloads and with the surge it became the number 1 application to be downloaded on apple I phones and other androids. The application is not only accessed from mobile phones, but on tablets, phablets and laptops as the resolution and best playing experience can be extracted only by a big screen. The gamer can also focus a lot on the game on big resolution. The mind works well when we can visualize things properly. However, the big devices are not available all the time with the player and hence the follow up is easy on the go through mobile phones. This is the reason why there has been a rise in the number of downloads of the app for the mobile versions.  The application brings in revenue of 5.15 billion dollars per day. The revenues accounted for $ 892 million in the year 2013 according to the development cell of Supercell. What made this game a huge success? What is the game about? How it rose to such a big level? Whether you should also download it or not? All these are the questions which will be answered in the sections which will follow.

Download Clash of Clans Private Server


A game which is built upon the genre of massively multiplayer online game and is played by 100 million people should be something. The warlike strategy formulation game of clash of clans private server basically allows the leader of the clan to train its troops for the war and win over the other attacking opponents. The build and attack aspects of the game are explained in detail in the sections that will follow. Here, let’s cover the basics of the game. The game involves a leader, a co-leader, troops and a village with a town hall, some buildings and resources. The resources can be of different variety like Gems, Gold coins, Elixir, Dark Elixir. There is a trophy of every clan which needs to be protected. The clan can acquire resources, trophies by attacking other clans too. The game can be played in the single-player mode where the game directs the player to move from one level to another. The stages get more complex as the player ascends the ladder. The second option is that of playing it online with other players all over the world. Here the challenges are to accept the fighting challenge from any random clan and accept it to fight. The more the destruction caused by a team, the more will be the winning chance. Let us dwell on the details of the game now.


There are two aspects to the game. Clash of Clans private server involves building part and the destroying part. The building part is going to be discussed in this section. As such, there is no bifurcation of the two aspects of the game, but this is what a player does while playing the game. This will enable the reader to understand the whole concept in detail and with clarity. The heading build itself guides us that this aspect of the game involves making buildings. The whole village is built up by the resources collected by the players. These resources are nothing but the gems, gold coins, Elixir and Dark elixir which enable them to build strong villages which are more protective and strong. The villages are also protected with the help of the spells which allows them to protect the village against any outsider attack. The main benefit of building up this spell is not Download Clash of Clans Private Serverevery intruder will be able to make it to the village. The village will remain safe even when the player is offline. The boundaries are structured and properly built to prevent the invaders from entering the village. The leader and co-leader of the clan also carry out the activities of training the troops with some special techniques which will help them earn an advantage over the other players. The village grows up step by step. The player is required to move ladder wise. Firstly, the leader is required to upgrade the town hall. The next step is to save the rewards to re-organize the clan for the numerous opportunities which are available to the players. The third and the most important aspect is that the player needs to be good at defense as the attacks are unpredictable. One more aspect is that the player cannot leave the whole village without a leader and a co-leader during the day span of 24 hours. When left alone or offline, the village is prone to be attacked by the outside clans which will be shown to you just by a brief video that how the other clan destroyed your village. The player’s all rewards and trophies can be looted in the process. This risk is the main factor which enables the players to stay up day and night to defend their colonies from being attacked. Each clan has its own type of strategies. The player can decide its strategy, according to the resources available. Once looted, the clan must start all over again which is another painful aspect for the player. Only the town hall can be revived in that case by clicking on the button provided for the same.

Action time

Attack or action is another aspect of the game. This can be dealt in two ways. First one is a single player mode and the second one is the online mode. If the first option is chosen by the player over the second one, then the player is prone to several challenges baked already in the game by the goblin. This option is easy in the beginning, but as the player moves forward it gets complex and tough. The player is required to collect gems, elixir, gold coins on the go. The second option that is the online mode, the player along with its troops has 3 minutes to attack and defend against the opposing clan, which is randomly chosen by the system of clash of clans private server. The player must cause the maximum amount of destruction to the other team to win the raid. Otherwise, the player will lose against the other player. The strategy part matters a lot here. Poor strategy making can render you losing points against the other team and ultimately lose the war. As the player plays the head of the clan, the leader is required to place the troops at the correct place. Once placed, the troops cannot be interchanged. This makes it even trickier. Decide which part needs to be defended and which one to be attacked. Just go with your best decision which you can make in that situation with the available amount of your resources and the troops trained. In case the player wins the game he/she gets to take away the trophies and gems, gold coins and elixirs of the defeated clan and if failed, the clan loses all this to the other clan.

Paying at your discretion

Though the game is referred to as the freemium game, clash of clans private server does have certain options available where you can pay to get more gems or can win some levels easily. Therefore, it is advisable to the player that before starting the game he/she turns off the options of charging you for the game. The player needs to say no to the paying options. The results of this can be slow moving up the ladder and slowly clearing of the leaves, but they will be on the player’s caliber. The players who pay and move up the levels have no knowledge of the previous levels and the type of strategy needed to be made at different levels. Download Clash of Clans Private ServerThis, in turn, puts them in a losing condition even when they have paid for and came at a higher level. These players when faced with experienced opponents of clash of clans private server usually break down easily leading to no use of the money made. Also, there are situations where the child is using the mobile of the parent for playing the game. In this case, the child can make purchases from the E-wallets of the parents. To stop the risk of doing that knowingly or unknowingly by the child, the parent must turn off all these options in the settings before handing over the phone to the little ones. Understand that the skills acquired at each level clearance by not paying a single penny to the company increases your efficiency and the strategy making sense. It is only when you make the best use of your limited resources to produce maximum output can a player say that he/she is good at it.

Another aspect of the game is that it is not a mindless obsession. The players who have been playing this game for quite a long time have been moving up the ladder. They have made their way to the top pyramid of players in clash of clans. The topmost pyramid constitutes of the prestigious legends class who are like the kings of the clash of clans. It is only recently that these players have worked out a way in which they can earn from the position they enjoy. As the gambit of clash of clans is very big and consists of around 100 million players, these legends live stream their videos and the number of views they get pays them. They also allow advertisements to float before there video starts which helps them to gain some revenue. The amount generated is not so lucrative, but not so negligent either. This works as a motivation for the player as this makes him worthy among the community of C O C.

The game offers a lot of opportunities like learning how to make spontaneous decisions, optimum use of resources, defending one’s clan, attacking, strategy formulation, acting according to the situation, staying active all the time, circumspection and many more. The game is really a thrill, keeps the player stuck to the screen and the biggest aspect never bores the player. There is simply a lot to do at clash of clans private server than just the main defending and attacking. It requires collecting trophies, expanding your clan, capturing villages, building your own village and many more exciting ventures. There are friendly fights which take place among the leaders too. This does not have any impact on the clan, but they are done just to maintain a healthy environment of valor among the clan citizens. Everyone is buzzing about this game in the 21st century, being a hit, everyone is a player of clash of clans private server. Everyone here refers to the age groups of the people. Not only a child but an adult and even old people are attracted towards the game. Such is the dedication with which it is built and designed by the creators that it suits the needs of several people.

Now that we are aware of the basics of the game, let us move on to understanding the next in row thing.

Another feature of the game is that it allows its players, or different clan heads together to defeat a common opponent or opponents. This coming together can be in the form of advising the other Download Clash of Clans Private Serverclan, it can be in the form of reinforcements or it can be in the terms of extending direct support to the clans. This type of coalition with other clans makes the clan more powerful as the target achieved will add up to the accumulated resources. This coalition is done through a wide network of clash of clans server or any private server. It allows a player sitting in Argentina to get help from a player sitting in the UK. This is another interesting thing about the game as the game is never on halt and is on the go every time. Isn’t this a whole new sort of feel where the player can imagine himself/herself as a clan leader leading its troops and capturing the lands of other clans through proper strategy building and rigorous hard work involved in building resources before even planning to attack? Fortifying the area by a player of his/her clan and fighting the virtual world against retaining and expanding it allows the player to get a kick and release the stress of work which he/she gets out of work. There has been a study though, which found people playing the game for 16 hours on a continuous basis. If you are a normal person, you are most likely to say that this is insane? But ask a COC lover and you will understand what playing the game feels like. Well, the fundamental thing being online most of the time is that if a player is not online then the player leaves his/her territory prone to attack by invaders. This can make them lose their resources collected and hence they never go offline.

People stick to the game most of the time to spend time training their troops with resources so that the clan becomes an undefeatable clan. The more the time spent on training your troops, the more are your chances to win over other raids. Many top players of the game have reached a level where there are no more options to upgrade their troops.

The whole structure of the clan is another thing which the beginner should understand. The clan has a leader and a co-leader. Only one of them can start the war. When the war starts each clan is given two days to complete it. The first day is given to train the troops. The clan spends time to train their troops for the war. The second day is made to fight and the clan, which causes the most destruction wins the game. When a clan wins the war the game gives points to the winning clan. The points are nothing but stars which make them a stronger clan. If your loot is scheduled by Supercell then you get extra points for the loot. This is a win-win situation as the player gets bonus under all circumstances. If he/she wins the loot planned, he gets the number of bonus points related to that loot. Even if he loses the game he/she gets one-third of the bonus points promised by supercell. There are friendly, competitive wars planned within the clans too whereby the same clan members challenge each other for a fight. This fight leads to a happy game and whoever wins gets a higher position in the clan.

Earn money while playing the game:

Yes, another interesting thing about clash of clans is the popularity of this game and that makes you earn money of the advertisements given in between the game. This can be done through live streaming. Live streaming can be done on YouTube and social websites. You can go on to sign e-contract with the companies which are interested in promoting their ads through your mobile or ID. The more views you will have on your videos uploaded, the more revenue you can earn. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. First, you need to be a great player at clash of clans. At least, great means coming in the top players. That can only happen when you devote more time towards clash of clans and your username becomes popular that people are drawn towards watching your videos.  For those who are already the titans or legends of clash of clans, they can go ahead to make money through this method. On average, the revenue generated through this activity is $675 for a video. Why work? Play and win. Passionate players have been benefitted from this aspect of the game.Download Clash of Clans Private Server

Thinking as an analyst too if you look at the cost of the game you notice that the game is a freemium one where you are not even asked to invest even a single penny in it. Though there are some gems and elixirs which can be unlocked only after paying the meager amount you can do away without unlocking them too. When you become a top-level player, you can live stream your videos and earn money through advertisement. This completes your hunger towards playing games and earning a side income side by side. Plus, this makes you look like a celebrity. This is becoming a very lucrative thing among kids and they try to reach the legend class by attacking, defending and doing everything they can to reach that stage where they will be admired by the other players of the game. The superiority here is not based on age but based on practice done and the level of strategy making you can make while playing the game. This should come spontaneously. If your wits are not working at the proper time, then you are gone. A player of clash of clans private server sacrifices his/her sleep for the game. This level of dedication is quite odd and seen in only less number of people. That is why only few make it to the top of the pyramid. There they can earn money though the amount is not that significant, but then that’s how it turns out to be for the players of clash of clans, a game which was developed in the year 2002 with a very less number of players or subscribers to the game. The madness began soon after without taking much time.

Private Servers

Why do you think there was a need for developing private servers? When the game was first launched in the year 2012 the game had its original site and its players. But when the number of players started increasing the traffic on the server also increases, the easing out of the server traffic became an opportunity for some web developers to make servers which were just like the original server and made the players to play the same game with more lucrative options. There were also a group of people who were disqualified from the original game of the C O C which made them to start using a private server for the sake of playing the game. These servers are updated on a regular basis and the players can play the game without any interruptions. However, there are some issues where the developers must take permission from the parent company supercell for doing that but some the private servers in the market are not following that rule. That does not bring any obligation on the players but on the developer of the server. Also, before running a link on your mobile phone, please ensure that the site is protected. Our site is a protected one and the links downloaded will not harm your device.

Best Server for Android

Download Clash of Clans Private ServerAndroids are becoming a hell lot of popular due to its user-friendly graphical interface. As the mobile phones allow the user to access anything anywhere on the go, clash of clans is also made available on these devices to stay with the players as their constant companions. Now, apart from the original servers, there are some android servers too, which help the players to play COC just by downloading the links in their mobile handsets. Android private servers can be of two types. One where the rooting is required and the other one where there is no need of rooting the devices. Let us understand the option which does not require rooting of your phone. We will look at the Fhx version of the private server for Android devices. There are some rules to the downloading of the game in this mode which needs to be gone through. This is explained to make sure that the true experience and the spirit of the game is not sacrificed. No compromise is made in terms of the graphics in these servers and they are easy to install too. The Mod update is the update from Indonesia, which is an independent server. It is a server which allows the player to download an unlimited number of gems, including gems, gold coins and elixirs of both types.

The first step in the installation of the Fhx server is that the person is not required to uninstall the original COC but if there is a previous version of the private server is available in the phone then it is uninstalled first. Your device needs to be cleared and ample amount of space should be created for the file to get downloaded and run on your system of mobile or tablet or laptop. The next step is to access the link and download it to your electronic device. Soon after the download, the phone will automatically ask you to run it. Allow it to run on your device and start playing. So simple! Well, yes.

Another problem which arises here in the minds of the players is that there are many private servers available on the internet. Which one among them is credible?  The quality of the private servers can be evaluated by the number of downloads done. The type of review also allows you to figure out the credibility of the site. However, all these things can be misleading to some extent. Here are some of the reasons why the Fhx server available on our site is the one link you were looking for:

  • There is unlimited access to gems. This means more resource generation.
  • The link is developed by the player itself. As the player is aware of all the features of the game, the game is updated by the developer and the updates can be more advanced than the existing game of clash of clans.
  • The original game adds new features on a regular basis.
  • There are requirements of rooters and in some cases, the link can be downloaded and run without rooting too.
  • Switching of the private servers when one is not working is a very new concept and user-friendly one given to the player. Here the player can switch from one server to another in case the first one is not working or breaks down due to some reason. The player can simply log in to the other server and resume playing the game from the same spot where left. One point which must be kept in mind is that the player must check the creditworthiness of the server developers.

Suppose there are two options available to the player to download the private server. Server A and Server B, the process start by ensuring the space and downloading the server A. Now if and only of the player encounters any problem regarding downloading the game from Server A then he/she can go for the second option which will work for the user. This technique normally works in all cases. Therefore, you should also try doing this in case you are facing problems in downloading the server. This Fhx server is updated server and the player never loses out anything in comparison to the original server player. This makes it one of the most preferred options over other servers. There are many options of Fhx servers available in the market. Some of them are Goblin Kings, Giant kings, Wizard Kings, Golem Kings, P.E.K.K.A. kings, Lava Kings, Valkyrie Queen, Damager Queen, Hog Kings, 500/army camps, Minion king and many more. There is Air Sweeper and at the max level, there is max level 300. Many of the bloggers and websites allow the players to play it through downloading it from their sites.Download Clash of Clans Private Server

Simulation server is another version of the clash of clans original version. It is a full copy of the original server and can be downloaded according to the instructions given above. These servers are used by players but are not so popular in the community of C O C.

Best private server for iOS

The process for downloading of private servers in case of iOS is also the same as that of android device only. There are jailbreaks needed and in some cases, there is no need of the jailbreaks for running the file in the iPhone devices. The method gets quite complex in case of a jailbreak where you are required to enter some keys and access the link. But when you back up your host files and run the program with even jailbreak, you are not at risk and can recover your files later in case the game crashes. The trust of the company must also be enabled in this case which can make the file falter if the option is not changed in the settings. The hit and trial method just like the android works here too!

Clash of Clans Private Server Switcher

There are a number of options available for private servers on various websites. But our website provides you with the reliable links to the private servers. The website is not only concerned about the type of private servers in the market but the type of Private server switchers available in the market. This is going to be made simple to you if you do not know what a private server switcher actually is.

The fundamentals of the C O C private server switcher allow an individual to change the server. The moving of to and from one server to another is the ease which this function offers. This helps in case there is some problem with the existing server. The player is required to just switch on from one server to another where the first private server host file gets automatically modified and the private server available at that point of time is switched on. The list can be updated by the user. The list can also be downloaded from our site. These servers are helpful as the player is not required to wait during the breakdown of a server. He/she can very easily switch over the servers and resume playing from the point stopped. The problems usually arise as the servers are still in the alpha stage. This requires a person to start and restart the game on some devices. This is one problem which persists with this type of application. There are some more problems faced while playing and switching. These are:

  • The servers do not support all the features.
  • There can be problems with broken links.
  • The servers may be old versions of the game which are not updated. This can result in poor quality of the game and the player can get irritated.
  • It takes a lot of time for the admin to update the versions of the servers.
  • The servers have the problem of crashing down. Not every device is capable of supporting those files.

Though there are solutions provided to these problems by trying and retrying the existing links. Sending a query related to the concerned admin can be another thing you can do. One permanent solution is that you get to find a server which is reliable and gets updated regularly.

Future of Clash of Clans private server:

With the availability of a number of thousands of games available in the market both online and offline, the question which arises in the minds of the company probably is what will be the future of Clash of Clans private server? Every product has a product life cycle. Will the company be able to maintain the development scenario to engage the existing players and attract new ones? The competence of the company should be increased. There are a lot of companies which are specializing in new games which are even more thrilling than the existing game. In order to stop the idea from becoming an old-school idea, some changes should be made in the design or all new versions of the game should be introduced. However, looking at the core competence of the company supercell has maintained its position in the game market and had grown over the years. The players are loyal towards the game and wait for the new features to be added in the game. This makes it an altogether different level of the game which is revered by its players. This loyalty can be used in the long run by the company by improvising the existing game or by launching new games on the go.

As the idea of AI is spreading across the world and the possibilities of the Artificial intelligence are plenty the company can play with the idea. Creative destruction is the new buzz word. The players should be given something which is as thrilling as the clash of clans private server in the new version. The technique of real playing can capture the audience. The idea of being involved in the game by acting as the leader of the clan and directing the troops of the battalion can really add the crazy element and lead to a number of new subscribers to the game.

The company can also go on to making an auditorium or a boutique place where the game can be played in all the real sense. Artificial intelligence can help the company in this aspect. We all know the great Hogwarts building which everyone wants to go to. Capitalizing on the same idea, the company can further go on to introducing a place where the champion league players will be rewarded. They will be given emoluments and recognized for spending most of their time on this game. The players can be invited to play in the real clash of clans private server world to play and build their troops which will all be real. The brand image of the company will also hike due to introducing a different idea and the players will also Download Clash of Clans Private Serverfeel loved by the company. The idea can yield profit to the company too, as apart from offers to special candidates the company can keep entry fees for the random players who can come to play the game. The very feel of playing the game will attract a whole lot of players to the Clash of clans private server world. The aspect is something which the company can consider to make this game a big success. At the same time the company will revive the new image of the game in the minds of the people. And as the sentiments of the people will be revived too, the dedication towards the game will become unparalleled. Not only the existing players will be enthralled to come out and play, but other people out there will also be tempted to give it a try. The place can become a place where people will be spending time along with the friends and family. This can allow the company to conduct many surveys on the spot. The questionnaires can be made to fill which will allow the company to know the expectations of the players from the game. These researchers can be sent to the development cell of the company supercell. The development cell will then carry out the whole process of analyzing the data and taking out useful insights from the idea. These insights can help the company go a long way in taking the lead over other companies in times to come. Understanding the customer is important and when the company builds a product according to their needs, the company wins in the long run over the stiff competition prevailing in the market. The place will also allow the company to market itself in front of the people who will visit the real world of clash of clans private server. The marketing can include promotion aspects of the company or some new offers for the players. The existing players can be given some royalty bonus through which they can buy the products available in the shopping section related to clash of clans private server. The other players can be given some challenges to complete which if won can lead them to win exciting prizes from the company. The idea of this store is made because this idea can allow the company to revive the whole structure of the game of clash of clans private server and reestablish it in the minds of the players. Some new element should be added to the game to make it stay at the place where it is today. To capture the existing market and not to lose on the grounds of maturing of the lifecycle of the game clash of clans, these steps are necessary to make it grow unboundedly.

To talk about the private servers, there are ample amount of links available on the internet and even on our site which enables the player to experience the game Clash of Clans private server just like the original one. The private servers help the players when they are either disqualified from playing on the original server or want to earn unlimited gems or want to run the server where there is no traffic. The easy playing facility is a boon to players. These servers are developed by the game lovers only which makes it a healthy growing community.


Download Clash of Clans Private ServerTo summarize the whole article, we see the game new world where players are the real promoters and citizens of the village and they strive to reach the best spot. They become ardent lovers to stay up day and night just to build their village and clan. They strategize, they capture, they get up even when everything is destroyed. This is what separates them from all the other players. This makes them stand out. The players are altogether a clan which exists separately and has a special place in the virtual world. It is said by one of the top players of C O C that the game made me sacrifice my night’s sleep too. Along with my work, I pursue playing this game too. There are many people who ask me as to why do I spend so much time on a reward less activity, but they will never be able to understand the emotions behind. I do not regret playing Clash of Clans private server. Never ever has he felt like stopping to play the game due to the pressure of friends or family? Such is the spirit of these players which adds glitter and sort of a legacy to the game and makes it an immortal and ever shining one. The game has reached wide contours and almost everyone defines gaming by the second name of Clash of Clans. This achievement has been hard earned by the company. The company Supercell has been able to fight out the rising competition in the market and attract more players along with the existing players. This shows dedication on the part of the company as well on the part of the players. The whole lot of emotions can be felt by an existing player if he/she is reading this article, but if you are not a player of Clash of Clans private server, then you know what needs to be done. Just go through our website and download the game through the links provided and start the madness of building, attacking, rebuilding. We assure you the game will capture your bosom without any doubt.