Clash of Clans Private Server Android

Clash of Clans Private Server Android

Clash of Clans Private Server Android

A ‘freemium’ game available on play store, Clash of Clans Private Server Android is a strategy game which is also called MMO (Massively multiplayer online) game. The game is a product of Super Cell Company. It is estimated that approximately 100 million people play this game which is massive as well as insane. To put it in a nutshell, the game is the Al Dorado of gamers. They are so damn stuck to it that even when they are not spending even a single penny on it, they are devoted towards playing it for up to 16 hours a day. The game is hugely popular on both iOS and android platforms. A lot of people are interested in playing this game which is free and basically based on making strategies and winning against other clans to win bigger areas and more points. From being just a game, the game has evolved to be a compulsive habit of a lot of people. On an average player trying to stay online as much as possible as going offline means letting the territory free to get raided and occupied. Download Clash of Clans Private Server AndroidClash of Clans Private Server Android is one game which can be called virtual sensation. Protection of the trophy is the main aim of the players here and more and more accumulation of it excites them. The microtransactions and battling other clans is not the only thing which Clash of Clans Private Server Android is famous for! There are a lot of other things too, which makes this game a huge success, among other games prevailing in the market. Let us uncover those aspects of clash of clan server for android. I will be guiding you through everything you need to know about the game, the server, the ways in which it works, etc. LSI is nothing but the statistics keeper which enables an individual to keep watch over the resources and history of the game.

Clash of Clans Private Server Android is an online game you can play on any android you wish like. Searching for the Clash of Clans Private Server Android private server download android is very easy. All you need to do is search for the game in the play store on your android and download it on your phone. Having said that there are a number of servers available online which allows you to access the game online.  Generally, it takes a lot of time to upgrade and lots of waiting is involved. You are required to collect a certain number of gems, elixir and gold in order to finish faster. The main aim of any player is to get to the champion level. The champion class can only be reached when either the person spends a lot of time and wins over other villages in a quick procession defending his/her village at the same time or by buying things to make the structure of the village more strong and getting the extra area for the same. But how amazing it is to get it all without any wait on the private servers! You get unlimited stuff to be claimed yours on private servers of android which is the specialty of it. The process of accessing the Clash of Clans Private Server Android private servers for Android can be a little tricky though. The procedure is given as follows.


Just like any other good game we see that Clash of Clans Private Server Android is also divided into two phases- build and action. We will understand the building aspect of the game first and then move on to the action part of it. The building phase includes building up a village with construction activities. The construction of buildings is done with the help of a collection of gems by the player and the collection of purple elixir. Gold coins are also collected to help the village in strengthening the village and protecting it against any suspicious attack. The attack can be prevented by the player even when offline if the build-up of the village is very strong. The boundaries to enter are structured and strongly built. With time as your clan size increases, you can improve upon your buildings by renovating them or building new structures. These structures help you in defense and offense. Download Clash of Clans Private Server AndroidThe construction usually goes around building up your town hall. The village grows up one step at a time this way. There are stages to grow in this game. Firstly, you collect resources to upgrade your town hall. Secondly, you save up rewards to re-organize your village for the opportunities available to you. Thirdly, the most important aspect of the player is to learn to defend against other players as the attacks are unpredictable. Sometimes you are simply notified that your village was attacked and the video shows you how the destruction was done when you were offline doing some work. Obviously, you can build up your village again by clicking on the grave option but your trophies will be gone along with your resources. So when building defense you can also build a shield which will protect your village from being attacked even when you are not online to protect your village against raiders.

Action time

Here the player has two options- either to play in the single-player mode or in the online mode. If the player chooses the single-player mode, then the player is subjected to many challenges of the goblin already baked in the game. These bases seem simple in the starting but complex as an individual moves further to collect gems, gold coins, elixir and Dark elixir. Whereas in the online mode, the player along with the clan has 3 minutes to fight against the randomly chosen opponent and cause as much destruction as possible to the opposing force in order to win the game. The strategy formation part comes handy here as the player is required to decide the places where the soldiers will be standing. Who will defend and who will attack during the challenge. The only thing you are supposed to ensure is the best possible arrangement in which your platoon causes maximum destruction to the opposite clan. One point to be kept in mind here is that the soldier once placed cannot be made to move from his place and will do whatever the troop wants to do. Now, these troops try to destroy the things which are near to them but they can also have special features. These special features can be ranged attack, detonation, explosion to damage or remove a wall etc.  If you cause the amount of destruction required which is 100% in most cases then you are able to take home the trophies and gold coins and gems and elixir. But in case the destruction is done in less proportion then the spoils are what the clan gets access to.

Paying at your discretion

When you start playing the game, it is advisable to turn off the instruction to charge you for anything. Just say no to the ability to pay for anything. This will lead to slowing up your speed no doubt, but then the game will not lead to impulsive purchases. Moreover, all those people who pay for the same and play the game are far away from where a trained player is. It becomes easy to defeat that player who entered the level by paying hard cash as the strategy making skills of that person will be lesser than yours. Here it becomes an opportunity to not only increase your resources and speed up building activity but increase your chances to head towards the next level without paying even a single penny. Most kids also use their parent’s Clash of Clans Private Server Android private server android device to play this game. This can put them in trouble as the payment can be done by the child unknowingly. It’s better to turn off the option of ability to pay to be on a safer side.

The Clash of Clans Private Server Android private server for Android is a perfect way to play this game. The game is not a mindless sort of obsession like other games. The gamers included among the champions class are not only playing this game just for the sake of playing but have also benefited from it by selling the advertisements of companies online through their live streaming videos. Download Clash of Clans Private Server AndroidThis aspect of taking it up as a side source of earning money also makes this game a win-win type of game. People devote a long number of hours to this game not because of increasing their trophies, but they learn a lot about the formation of strategies. The game allows the player to take spontaneous decisions, make proper use of the limited resources available, defend and attack according to the situations. Whenever you have an hour or two, whenever you are free from your work you can follow up, capture some villages, build your own village, get some trophies, collect elixirs, gems and gold coins. Have fun and learn all at the same time from the incredible game which keeps your adrenaline rushing all the time for something new. The game is exciting and never leaves you with a sense of boredom. You can never get tired playing this game. Be it a kid, an adult or a grandpa, everyone just loves Clash of Clans Private Server Android. As you all have android with you in this 21st century, this is something which you must try playing.


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