Clash of Clans Private Server iOS

Clash of Clans Private Server iOS

Apple is a sleek and beautiful commodity which all of us want to possess. So are the different requirements of this phone. The fans of COC want to play anytime anywhere. And it is only the mobile which can be carried from one place to another at all times. This article will guide you through the

  • Introduction of the game
  • The original Site
  • The private servers available for COC
  • The best private server for iOS

This is going to be your guide for the rest of the article. Let us begin and explore the world of clash of clans private server iOS which is addictive, challenging, thrilling and time-consuming at the same time. Since you people already know about the basics of the game, I will just touch on some of the important aspects of the game and lead you to the section of your interest.

Download Clash of Clans Private Server iOS


Clash of clans was a game which came into existence on 2 august 2012 when it was launched by its parent company Super cell. The company noticed a hike in its revenue since the launching of the game. The game was made to be a strategy game which later went on to create a whole new genre of MMO- Massively multiplayer online game. The game also enjoys a unique category of being called a freemium game which further explains that not even a single penny should be expended in order to play the game. The game has led to an increase in the number of players to 100 million. The popularity of the game has gone on to increase during all these years. The company supercell keeps on making new changes in the game so that the player never gets bored of the game. The game is known to be addictive and time-consuming. But for the fans of clash of clans the game is above all the other things. The moment they get a couple of minute free all they can think of is playing the game. Such is the madness of the game.Download Clash of Clans Private Server iOS

The warlike game based on making strategies includes a number of clans with their virtual villages. There are head of the clans and co-heads who administer the activities of the clan. There are mainly two types of activities which are undertaken by the clans. The activities are not divided like that outright, but basically, that is what the players do.

  • BUILD- So the first activity to be carried out is to build the tower of the village, make buildings by collecting gems, gold coins, elixir and dark elixir. The more resources the clan collects, the more they will be able to spend on the protection of their clan as the buildup of their village will be stronger. The clans can also protect their village from outside attack by building spells around their villages too. The troops are also trained in this part of preparation. They are aided by different weapons and skills to fight the opponent clan.
  • ATTACK- this is another activity which the clan is indulged in. There can be a scheduled or an unscheduled attack on the clan and the troops are responsible to be ready all the time. The structure of the village helps here. The position of the troops is also of a big help. The clan, which causes the maximum amount of destruction wins the game. There are trophies of clans which are taken over by the winning clan. If the destruction done is not up to the mark, then the winning clan can only take away the spoils. The time duration of the fight is 3 minutes normally. The trickiest part of this aspect is that the attack can happen anytime. Because of this possibility, many of the players stay online day and night because if they go offline, their village can be looted and attacked upon. Only a video of which can be seen then and no action can be taken against.

These two aspects when mastered properly lead a player to reach the class of champions and there the player has options to streamline the video online and earn money through ads.

The original server: the company super cell allows the players to access the original version of COC private server iOS and the regular updates through its own site. You can get the link to it from our site too.Download Clash of Clans Private Server iOS

The private server: The concept of private server developed because some people were not debarred from playing the original version. The versions also developed because of the unlimited access to gems in these private servers. The private servers enable the players to not only download the Clash of Clans private server iOS but also get exciting features along with it. There are some servers which have taken permission from the parent company of COC private server iOS, whereas there are some others who have not. However, the player is required to go the respective site where private servers are listed and just download the game of clash of clans from there. The links to those servers will be provided at the end of the article so you can access them easily. The process of downloading the game from these servers will also be easy. All you have to do click on the link. Run the program on your iOS. And you are all set to go. However, if you are not able to run the game and its crashing then you have to try another link provided. One point which must be kept in mind is that no previous version of private server COC should be there on your iPhone. These steps should help you install the game successfully.

These servers keep on updating the game according to the original game of clash of clans. But sometimes there can be delays ranging from a day to a week. This should not bother the players as the updates shall come along sooner or later.

Best private server for iOS:

There is no as such separate server developed for iOS though. The developers develop both the servers capable of running on Android as well as iOS. Here are the steps to download private server for iOS

  1. Ensure that the device is rooted. This step marks the first and foremost requirement for the device to download COC from a private server in case of iOS.
  2. No jailbreak is required for running the clash of clans in this case.
  3. The best option for iOS device is the file called MOD IPA. If the file is in iFile format then you have to change the format of the host file. This can be done through the IP address from your server which will direct you back to the private server.
  4. Mod is one application of the game which allows you to easily get installed in your iOS without any problem. It also stays updated with the update of super cell. You can go ahead to download Phoenix IPA.
  5. All you need to do here is trust the app developer. You can do that by visiting.
  6. Here all you need to do is download the Phoenix IPA and run it.
  7. After installing, the player can go ahead and enjoy the game.

Download Clash of Clans Private Server iOSIn case you guys are facing any problem in not knowing how to trust a developer. It is simple. All you have to do is go to stings leading to general, leading to device management, leading to trust the app developer. This is it. That is how it is done.

In the case where there are requirements of jailbreak. The method is quite complex, but not so hard. Let us get down to understand that process too in case you are still facing trouble in downloading your clash of clans version of game.

A word of precaution is very necessary here. When you move on to do this, please make sure that you have a backup of all your host files. So that later you can get back to the original files if the process breaks or even when it is successful to maintain the originality.

The process can then be executed and the results can be understood well. If the file runs on your iDevice, it’s good if not, try the process again. A detailed post on this can be written in the next article.

I hope that the process of downloading the clash of clans from private servers has been made easy through this article. The article turns out to be of help to you is what our site strives upon achieving. The game is really a heartthrob of millions of people around the world. Even when I am writing this article there is some player in some part of the world playing clash of clans. The company Super cell is really able to prove itself on the sands of time. This makes it a successful game and the regular updates make the player stay loyal to the product and it is the game fans of clash of clans who develop the private servers.Download Clash of Clans Private Server iOS

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